Sell Car to Junkyard


Sell Your Car to A Junkyard.

Have you decided to get another car and sell your clunker for cash? That’s great.

Now if your next question is, “Can I sell my car to a junkyard?” Then it means you’re looking for an effortless and instant way to get rid of your junk car while also making some money off it.

Whether your car is worn out from regular use or it’s wrecked from an accident, you still need to maximize the payout you receive from its sale.

In this article, we’ve explained all there’s to know about selling your car to a junkyard and a better alternative as well.

Ready? Let’s begin…

How to Sell Your Car to the Junkyard.

Here are steps to getting the most off your car at the junkyard:

Check Out the Junkyards Available in Your Area:

You can do this by looking in your local Yellow pages to find all the local junkyards that are available in your area or searching junkyards near me on google. The closer they are, the easier it would be for you to locate them and the less you’ll spend on towing charges.

Contact each of the junkyards that are close enough and let them know about the car you’re about to sell. Answer all the questions and try to be as transparent as you can.

Get as Many Quotes from the junkyards you plan to sell your car to.

Try to get as many quotes as you can over your junk car so that you can compare. This will make you go for the best of them and not settle for the first quote you receive. If your car has got much value to junkyards, they’ll be more willing to make you an offer over the phone.

Some junkyards might require you to bring in your car before they give you an offer, this ends up adding to your expenses if you’ll need to rent a tow vehicle or truck. However, if your car is still derivable, this might not be an issue.

Sell Your Car to the Junkyard

Once you’ve taken out your valuables plus other accessories you’ll want to keep, you can then sell your car to the junkyard that you’ve decided to do business with. Sign the title over and get your payment. We strongly advise that you check with your state’s DMV to make sure that the title has been transferred.

This will remove all liabilities associated with the vehicle – after the sale – from you.

Can I Sell My Car to the Junkyard Without A Title?

If your car is missing a title and you’ve exhausted all the options available for you to lay your hands on a replacement, all hope isn’t lost. Some junkyards would still be willing to buy your car without its title – as long as you can prove that it’s yours.

It might just require more work on your part to find the ideal junkyard that will be willing to do business with you and for you to have the other documents available.

Selling a car to the junkyard without a title can turn out to be a bit tricky and so we advise that you’re extra careful to make sure that the transaction goes well and there are no snags.

Why Is A Better Alternative to a Junkyard.

Selling your car to a junkyard can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. That’s not all. You’ll tend to get a lot of low ball offers that can end up causing you much headache. Since junkyards are also looking to make profit, they’ll calculate a scrap car value and beat your price down to the last dollar.

Instead of selling your car to a junkyard for a low price, you should sell it to us at We’re one of the best companies that buy cars and we are known throughout the nation.

At, we’re not picky and so, we don’t care what condition or state your car is in. Your car’s condition won’t affect our willingness to give you a competitive offer for your junk car. Running or not.

How does it work? It’s quite simple. First, fill out our simple online form and you’ll get an instant obligation-free quote. If you’re selling a car without the title, let us know as well and our experts will make sure that the process is stress-free and efficient.

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